Five violent thieves caught on tape beating east valley clerk

Five violent thieves caught on tape beating east valley clerk

A surveillance camera inside an east valley convenience store off of Tropicana and Nellis caught a pack of wild criminals out to wreak havoc.

Police say three women and two men hit this store and another near Flamingo and Sandhill on Thursday morning between around 1:15 a.m.

Footage shows one of the women go behind the store counter and grab the clerk. While the clerk is struggling with one of the suspects, the others are shown throwing cigarette packs up in the air. You also see one of the hoodlums throw a floor sign at the clerk. Even the cash tray is tossed

Police say the five people stole money and store merchandise.

Tawanna Bass knew the store clerk who was assaulted.

"I know that young man in the store. He's a very nice boy," Bass said

Bass is a frequent customer of the store. She says it's hard to see the video of a clerk she knows very well getting attacked.

"He's always been in there," Bass said. "He's never bothered nobody. Him and the other workers there, they are really nice."

Other store clerks in the area say it is troubling to know these individuals are still out there. Beth Casiona works not too far from the convenience store where the clerk was attacked.

"I'm so scared now," Casiona said. "I see this video. Not just me everybody is scared."

Police hope someone recognizes these suspects so arrests can be made. Bass hopes the victimized clerk will someday feel a little safer.

"I hope they get justice," Bass said. "I hope they get justice.”

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