FLiXBUS rolls into Las Vegas, offering fares to LA as low at $2.99

There’s a new bus rolling into #Vegas. ?FlixBus? is traveling to LA/SD/Phx etc for as little as $2.99. This is week #2 & the company says it’s so popular they’re looking to double routes this summer. (Heather Mills | KSNV)

It may sound too good to be true, but in this case--it’s not.

There’s a new transportation mode available for people who want to get out of town and are planning to travel within the southwest. Right now, introductory fares are as low as $2.99.

It’s called FLiXBUS. There are two depots in Las Vegas. There's one at the Downtown Transit Center and at Caesars Palace.

You can’t miss the bus. It’s lime green with orange accents.

“You pay $4 and you can watch three movies, and then you look up and you are in LA,” said Pierre Gourdain of FLiXBUS USA.

There are routes all over the southwest, including San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson, Palm Springs and Flagstaff.

Russell Galba took the bus from Los Angeles on Wednesday.

"Ten bucks to Los Angeles to Las Vegas, it’s super cheap," he said.

The app is also easy to use on your phone. It even updates the bus in real time.

FLiXBUS started in Europe in 2013. It became so popular the company decided to expand and bring it to Las Vegas.

"We are a local player, it’s all operated from Vegas and it’s for Vegas," Gourdain said.

And he said it’s safe. Each day the buses are inspected. They also come with driver assistance systems. It’s all the bells and whistles of a new car.

Onboard, passengers will have more leg room. Aaron Wright also took the bus from Los Angeles. "It’s a decent ride. Clean and comfortable," he said.

There's a bathroom and free wifi, and each passenger can check one free bag.

“It’s just, I love it and my passengers love it too,” said Scott Stone. He’s one of the FLiXBUS drivers. He said he’s met passengers from all over in the two weeks since it’s been running.

"All different ages, walks of life, different countries," said Stone.

Many of the passengers are more accustomed to bus-riding than Americans. But that’s the goal -- to change perception and move transportation into the efficient future.

"Driving is not efficient. It's almost stupid, especially if you sit by yourself in the car. It’s costly," Gourdain said.

Another note about safety: In order to keep drowsy drivers safe, every night bus has at least two drivers on the bus.

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