Former CCSD teacher's assistant takes plea deal after video showed him dragging student


On Monday, a judge sentenced Theodore Levrich to three years of probation after he took a plea deal in relation to child abuse charges stemming from 2017.

Levrich originally faced two felony counts of child abuse.

In April of 2017, Levrich was accused of rough handling a six-year-old girl and an eight-year-old boy, inside Doris French Elementary's library. Both children were special needs students.

CCSD police say surveillance video shows the 62-year-old pushed one student, then dragged the other across the floor, but neither student was injured.

Levrich's attorney told the judge he had never been arrested, was a low-risk danger community, and had no criminal background.

The state allowed the parent of one of the children involved to speak.

They opted not to speak on camera and asked to remain anonymous. However, he did read a statement in court conveying to the judge that he was shocked at the treatment of his son.

Although Levrich did not want to speak on camera, he presented documents to News 3 detailing his account of the incident.

In the document, he alleges that the male child was having a violent outburst and assaulted Levrich before Levrich grabbed the child by the forearm.

The judge sentenced Levrich to three years of probation, with conditions preventing him from working with children and those with special needs.

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