Former home of notorious Las Vegas crime boss up for sale

Former home of notorious Las Vegas crime boss up for sale

A home near Tropicana and McLeod, originally owned by notorious Las Vegas gangster Tony "The Ant" Spilotro has just been listed for sale.

Listing realtor, Shannon Smith of Realty One, says it probably doesn't look too dissimilar to the way it was when Spilotro had it built in 1974.

"It's barely lived in, to be honest", Smith said. "The current owner never lived here. The owner before him was their vacation home. They've owned the home before the current owner since 2002, and they haven't done a lot of things to the property." That includes the mirrored ceiling above the living room, which still looks exactly the way it was when the Chicago gangster lived there.

Geoff Schumacher, Director of Content at the Mob Museum, says Spilotro wasn't a typical mobster. "Tony Spilotro was of the most significant mob figures in Las Vegas history, in part because he was so public about it", Schumacher said. "He represented the Chicago outfit in Las Vegas in the 70s and 80s and everybody knew it."

Schumacher says Spilotro was also a different breed of crime figure because of how he did business, which is why his home has historical value. "This house, unlike a lot of these mob guys, if you read about them," Schumacher said, "they don't conduct business in their house, like in New York City, they would have a social club. Tony didn't have a social house, he had his house, and his crew would gather around the kitchen table in his house nearly every day."

Those gatherings would include playing gin and planning a burglary, which many times involved smashing holes in the walls of businesses or homes, leading to their nickname, the Hole In The Wall Gang.

While Spilotro's home might seem modest by today's standards, or what you'd think for a high profile gangster, back in the day, "The Any" was living large.

"He bragged about having one of the biggest backyards in the neighborhood," said Smith. "It's a traditional ranch style home, four bedrooms, two baths. It's still kept respect and kept homage to the vintage Las Vegas style."

The 2,400 square foot home can be yours for an asking price of $419,000.

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