Former LVMPD officer in custody for murder, sexual assault

Photo courtesy of Washoe County Sheriff's Office

Former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer Arthur Sewall is accused of the murder and sexual assault of a woman in Las Vegas.

Nadia Iverson was found by construction workers in a vacant building known as Marble Manor on May 8th, 1997. Iverson had been sexually assaulted and shot in the head. The DNA collected at her autopsy would help police identify Sewall as the suspect nearly 21 years after the crime was committed.

Iverson's rape kit was sent for testing in March 2016 according to Metro. Her rape kit is among about 6,500 in a backlog of kits. So far, Metro's lab director Kimberly Murga says 42% of the backlog of rape kits have been tested. There are just over 3,700 left to test from the backlog of kits. Metro expects to finish up testing the backlog by Spring 2019.

As a result of testing Iverson's rape kit, police found a DNA match in the CODIS database run by the FBI. Police say that DNA from the kit matched Arthur Sewall. Sewall, a former Metro Police Officer, resigned in March 1997. He was convicted of using his position as a law officer to coerce prostitutes into sex acts with him. In February 1997, Metro's VICE unit had a undercover police sting where they capture video surveillance of Sewall at the Del Mar Motel. The tape shows Sewall with a woman working with VICE as a part of a sting. On the tape, Sewall finds drug paraphernalia then the woman performs oral sex on Sewall before VICE officers arrest him. Sewall had to give his DNA to authorities as a part of his conviction. This would later create a link to the case against the former cop.

Sewall taken into custody by the Reno Police Department after cold case detectives Ken Hefner and Dan O'Kelley approached him for questioning in January 2017. Police say he was arrested after he agreed to questioning and made a statement to police.

He was booked into jail at Washoe County Sheriff's on Jan. 11th. Investigators at Metro say Sewall should be back in CCDC custody by the end of the week. He faces murder and sexual assault with a deadly weapon.

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