Former NLVPD lieutenant announces candidacy for Clark County Sheriff

Betwell for Sheriff (KSNV)

A 20-year law enforcement veteran has officially announced his candidacy for Clark County Sheriff, becoming the first challenger to sitting Sheriff Joe Lombardo.

Tim Bedwell spent more than 20 years with the North Las Vegas Police Department, many of those years as the public information officer.

“I’m asking the people of Clark County to join me in a partnership built on trust and communication. Together we can seize the moment and forge a new, more open, more responsive, public safety culture at Metro”, said Bedwell.

Bedwell says it’s time to for a change in leadership at Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He admits the October mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip and the aftermath of the tragedy will play a big role in the campaign for sheriff.

Bedwell applauds the heroic efforts of first responders and civilians during the mass shooting. However, he said the aftermath exposed some real concerns about LVMPD’s management in the wake of the tragedy, Bedwell calls for “transparency with accountability.”

“There’s been a lot of criticism how much of management handled a lot of the information following the incident”, said Bedwell. “That is something I would deal with differently.”

Bedwell also spoke about a controversial LVMPD use of force policy allowing officers to use neck restraints.

That policy gained a lot of criticism after an LVMPD officer used an unapproved neck hold on a local man last year who died minutes after the encounter.

“I don’t believe in using Lateral Vascular Neck Restraints. I don’t believe in teaching it to officers. I think there is a much better use of force options”, said Bedwell.

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