Four Centennial High School students remembered at vigil

Students stand in the shape of a heart on Centennial High School football field mourning the loss of four students gone too soon. (Christy Wilcox | KSNV)

On Tuesday, hundreds of people gathered on the football field at Centennial High School to remember four students who lost their lives.

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Aj Rossi, Dylan Mack, and Brooke Hawley died after they were hit by a drunk driver in Huntington Beach, California.

Matt Touma died after he committed suicide.

The football field stands were full as people mourned and shared memories about each of the students who died.

The night started with everyone coming out into the football field and standing in the shape of a heart. Close friends and family got up to share stories about each of the four who lost their lives.

Tuesday, was the first-day students were at the school since they were at spring break last week.

"A lot of sharing, a lot of crying, a lot of sad faces, but kindness came across the campus today," said Principal Trent Day.

After the stories, there was a slideshow of pictures and a singer who wrapped up the night with "Amazing Grace."

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