Friends of security guard charged with murder say he acted in self-defense

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The Thursday shooting death of a man landed a security guard in jail.

Police arrested 29-year-old Spencer Trevathan.

Initially, police were looking into self-defense.

Trevathan is the security guard police say shot and killed a man.

Friends and family in Tennesse say Trevathan works at Strip Gun Club shooting range as a firearms instructor. He once served in the Army.

Police say Trevathan was living at the Fun City Motel when he confronted a man from his second-story room.

Fred Ramos lived right next to the Army veteran. He says daily he would see Trevathan walk behind the Strip Gun Club range, which is right in front of the motel.

"He always looked out for the righteous", said Ramos.

Police say Trevathan ran down to confront a man who was walking through the motel parking lot. The two got into a fight.

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Officers say within four seconds Trevathan pulled out a handgun and fired a shot. The shot hit the victim in the chest. The man died at the scene.

Police say Trevathan was certified to legally open carry. The Army vet immediately performed CPR on the victim after the shooting. Police did look into self-defense.

Lt. Ray Spencer with Metro Homicide said, "Anytime we conduct an investigation regarding self-defense, obviously if someone is armed with a firearm and there is a threat to their life a person has a right to defend themselves."

After police reviewed surveillance of the shooting, they decided to charge Trevathan with murder. Ramos says he feels bad for Trevathan because he says he seemed like a good person wanting to do the right thing.

"More than likely self-defense. He just would not shoot anybody for bothering him", said Ramos.

Police say the victim was not armed. Detectives tell us Trevathan cooperated with officers.

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