From can to canvas: Las Vegas artist spray paints Vegas Golden Knights

As artists go, Gear Duran is both unconventional and remarkable.

Combining state of the art technology, like digital illustrators and 3-D computer imaging, with more primitive tools like spray cans, he makes still images and ideas come alive.

“So I kind of took that video game, comic book style into the spray paint arena, where I just kind of naturally started doing stuff more character-based,” said Duran.

Much of his work until now, could probably be characterized as avant-garde, even eclectic.

His latest love however, The Vegas Golden Knights.

“Actually, hockey was one of those sports I genuinely liked growing up,” said Duran. “Like no one believed that they (Knights) would make it this far. I mean how long did it take the Capitols to get here? Like 44 years to get here. We got here in how many days?"

Without the help of a single paintbrush Gear “sprays” a determined James Neal and a steadfast Marc Andre Fleury, leaving no detail behind.

The likenesses uncanny!

“And a lot of people who don’t know any better, they’re like no way, that’s airbrushed. Come on man, my buddy airbrushes. I’m like nah man. And until they actually see it done then they’re a believer,” said Duran.

Like the Golden Knights themselves, Gear has defied critics, proving his creations are the real deal, from can to the canvas, created right here in Las Vegas.

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