Gadgets galore found at International CES in Vegas

A sea of technology and a wave of people are flooding the Las Vegas Convention Center, which for a week has been turned in to high-tech heaven for the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

A gigantic 105-inch LG Ultra-HD television with a curved screen that gives it an IMAX feel and 4k resolution is one of the items turning heads.

Many hope it will bring a clear picture to an industry that's lost its focus over the last two years.

"Sales have been trending down," notes's Brian Cooley, "So this industry is concerned about how they are going to spike us to buy a new television. They thought it was going to be 3D TV. That didn't work."

Another driver at this show is car tech.

"We're getting really close technically to the self-driving car as an affordable reality," Cooley says.

-- Jay Gray, NBC News reports

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