Galleria opens its doors early for 'Quiet Time with Santa'

Galleria at Sunset opens its doors early so that children with special needs can sit on Santa's lap without the hustle and bustle of the mall. (KSNV)

It’s there, tucked away in the quiet halls of the Galleria Mall, located at 1300 W. Sunset Road, witnessed only by the empty store fronts.

There you’ll find Christmas magic, and it's called Quiet Time with Santa.

Santa Claus is there for them, the children that need special care.

Jamie Cooper with Galleria at Sunset said, “It’s a sensory-friendly event to see Santa, many of whom haven’t seen Santa in the past.”

50 families will see Santa for the first time.

Their children have autism, overwhelmed by the noise and the crowds that come with busy holiday shopping.

So, Galleria at Sunset Mall and Autism Speaks teamed up to create this: two hours before the mall opens, families can reserve a time to visit Saint Nick, share wished, play a little and take home a Build-A-Bear.

They pay for the photo session.

Cooper said, “I think this is the meaning of the season, giving families a chance to create those memories. For them, this is what it means having that holiday here.”

If the holidays are really about families sharing joy with each other, maybe a mall is the perfect place. While surrounded by those material goods on wish lists that are at this moment sitting untouched behind gates, the focus is on the kids and the memories they will bring home.

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