Coach known for his fiery attitude to lead Las Vegas Lights in inaugural season

Las Vegas Lights soccer team coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola, more commonly known as "Chelis," answers a question during his introduction Tuesday, November 14, 2017, at the Inspire theater in Las Vegas. CREDIT: Sam Morris/Las Vegas News Bureau

For a city built on the sights, sounds and glitter, the coach of the first men's pro soccer team in Las Vegas would rather focus on the aroma.

“For a spectacular city, you need spectacular soccer,” Las Vegas Lights coach José Luis Sanchéz Solá said Tuesday at his introductory news conference. “I want to make sure that this team smells like Las Vegas. Players in Las Vegas do smell differently.”

The “smell,” according to Chelís, is a fast and entertaining soccer atmosphere to the city.

Chelis, an analyst for ESPN Deportes, has been a Division I and II coach in Mexico, where he became known for his fiery personality and coaching style.

Brett Lashbrook, owner and CEO of the United Soccer League Lights, says they will be a team like no other.

"We plan on playing an attacking style of play that is high goal scoring, high pressure,” he said. “And something that the fans at 8 o’clock on Saturday in Downtown Las Vegas know win or lose, rain or shine, we are going to put on a great show and they're going to have fun watching.”

Lashbrook says he chose Chiles to lead the way because of his proven passion and intensity for the game, and because he wants the large Hispanic community in the city to feel included.

"I want to be a leader in bringing together the Mexican and American soccer communities" Said Lashbrook.

The team is still looking for players to fill their roster. They will conduct open auditions on Dec. 8 and 9.

For more information on tryouts and ticket pricing information, click here.

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