Arrest made related to threats against Centennial High School

Toni Strickland (LVMPD/CCSDPD)

An 18-year-old CCSD student is facing felony charges after police say she sent text messages Wednesday night, threatening to shoot up Centennial High School.

Police say Toni Strickland sent the threatening messages to another student. The messages threatened Centennial and went on to say, “Every school in Las Vegas getting blew up.”

That student called the police and took a screenshot of the messages to post them online. CCSD police say more than 200 concerned students and parents started calling them to report it.

The school district instantly sent out text, email, and phone alerts to parents; they also posted warnings on the schools' social media accounts.

Vincent Brown has two children who attend Centennial High, and he says he's pleased with how fast the school informed parents of the threat.

"These days with the internet and everything it's just a lot better everything’s just right at hand," said Brown.

Like many parents, when Brown received the alerts, he made the decision to keep his kids at home.

He says in light of everything that happened with the mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip, it's better to be safe than sorry.

"So yeah, we kept them home today, just for safety reasons in light of what happened over at Mandalay Bay Sunday, you don't risk it," said Brown.

However, other students who attend the high school say they heard about the threat and they still wanted to come to school.

"The moment you live in fear is the moment they win. They're like, 'I got them.' Just keep doing you," said Chris Mason.

Leah Gustafson also attends the school and she agrees.

"We were scared and we had fear, but coming to school and getting our education seems more important," said Mason.

Police say the threats Strickland allegedly made were not credible and there is nothing to indicate she actually planned to carry out an attack, but they say they're still taking it very seriously.

Strickland is now facing charges that include making terroristic threats and making a bomb threat.

CCSD reported that similar threats have been made in five other states. CCSD officials believe the threats were unsubstantiated.

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