Home burglaries on the rise in Summerlin: Do you recognize these thieves?

Thieves break into a Summerlin home and steal thousands in jewelry. This image was captured on their home security cameras. (Heather Mills | KSNV)

Summerlin is seeing a surge of home burglaries.

Las Vegas Metro Police posted to Facebook to remind residents to lock their doors and windows. The post said 30% of the recent burglaries were committed without forced entry. Another concerning fact, LVMPD said thieves appear to be targeting firearms.

Jamon McBride’s home was targeted.

Thieves broke into his house while he and his family were overseas.

The burglary happened in the middle of the day on Saturday, Jan.6. But, he didn’t know about it right away because his security company’s alerts went to his wife’s junk mail while they were abroad.

Jamon said with cameras, an alarm and a gated community, he thought they were safe. He said the alarm likely didn’t go off because the thieves entered the home after breaking a window with a rock they grabbed from the construction site across the street. No doors were opened.

In the security video, you can see the two criminals. They pull up to McBride’s home and park across the street. One of them crept around the side of the house, careful to hide from the camera.

“We’ve got footage of them coming in the windows, in the backyard, upstairs, downstairs, everywhere,” he said.

Shattered glass on the floor and empty jewelry boxes are all that remains of the heist.

“They looked in all the drawers in there, looked in the closet, went upstairs, had a quick peek in my daughter’s room, and then went into our bedroom and went through all the drawers in the dresser and then into the closet where my wife keeps some jewelry as well.”

One of the thieves appeared to be holding something, perhaps a gun.

McBride said he’s happy his family wasn’t home at the time. “I’ve got a wife and two little kids, so it would have been very bad had they have been home.”

He said the one thing they didn’t do could have been the red flag that they weren’t home. A flyer was left on his door and he doesn’t know how long it was there.

“The one mistake we made is we didn’t let all of our neighbors know to keep a lookout," he told us.

McBride hopes these criminals are caught so it doesn’t happen to anyone else. But, if they come back, he said he will be ready. “I went to a gun store today,” he said. “Hopefully it doesn’t happen again, but if it does, we will be a little better prepared.”

If you recognize these men, call Crime Stoppers 702-385-5555.

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