Garage intruders: Three armed men enter local home while residents slept

Home invader with gun entered house with family asleep. Family dog may have scared him off. Tonight we hear from homeowner whose camera recorded this image.

An east valley neighborhood is on edge after a video caught three armed men go into a home.

The suspects are considered dangerous.

Home surveillance images were taken early Monday morning just after 4:30 captured the incident.

The video shows two armed masked men go inside a home near Bonanza and Hollywood.

Randy Schuette lives at the home the men entered. "I'm just mad. I'm mad. They have the nerve to come over here and do that."

The gun-toting hooded thieves entered Randy Schuette's house.

Schuette believes the men came through his garage after his daughter left the door open.

"My daughter came home about 4 a.m. this morning. She left the garage door open. I was up and I was going to the kitchen and our small dog started barking."

Schuette grew suspicious and decided to check out his garage.

"Right after she started barking, our laundry door going into the house slammed shut."

Surveillance from other homes showed three men with guns checking out cars and walking up to front doors.

"You can see where they are checking all the neighbor's cars. They were up on these people yards on their front porch. They were all over the neighborhood."

Schuette says he's not certain what if anything was stolen, still he's going to be more cautious in the future.

"Just make sure all the doors are locked and the alarm is on. One of those things that just happened."

Police are reviewing all the surveillance videos. Schuette hopes the people in the video are caught soon.

"It's very important because they are going to keep doing it. If they have guns you don’t know what's going to happen. They have guns they are going to shoot


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