Ghost bike memorial for Las Vegas mom goes missing

Ghost bike memorial for Las Vegas mom goes missing (KSNV)

A ghost bike memorial dedicated to a local mother went missing last week.

The memorial was put up for Cara Cox, who died after being hit by a driver while riding her bicycle in October 2015. The crash happened on Sun City Anthem Drive near Thunder Bay in Henderson.

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Cox’s death touched hearts across the cycling community. Elizabeth Miller said her mom lived for the moment.

“She was adventurous. She was crazy. She was loud. She was fun,” said Elizabeth Miller. “She had zero fear. You never forgot her once you met her."

For Miller, the ghost bike was a perfect way for her and her family to honor her mother.

“We all signed the bike and put pictures on there of my mom,” she noted.

The message behind it was simple.

“Let people know there aren't just bike lanes here, but there are cyclists,” said Miller.

Then, the bicycle went missing.

“It kind of felt like I lost her all over again,” she continued.

The bicycle was taken down by the Anthem Community Council after complaints from homeowners.

“The bike was erected on private property, which is the property of the Anthem Community Council,” explained Mark West, President of the Anthem Community Council.

But Miller said her mother deserved better than this.

“I just feel like there's no compassion in it,” noted Miller.

While Miller can put the bicycle somewhere else, she says it’s what it symbolized that matters most.

“I think that was the hardest part. This wasn't up for me to come and visit. It was up so I could save another person's life,” said Miller.

Late Monday afternoon, Miller got the bicycle back from the Anthem Community Council.

She plans to put it in her backyard to honor her mother.

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