Golden Knights owner Bill Foley promises next year's team will be even better


Our Vegas Golden Knights are headed to the Stanley Cup Final in their first season, and no one is more surprised than the man sitting in the owner's suite.

Bill Foley, owner of the Vegas Golden Knights, shared his thoughts with News 3

“During the whole season, I felt it was very fragile," Foley said. "I felt, 'I am going to wake up and it is going to be over.'"

Bill Foley says it was his goal to give Las Vegans something to be proud of, and with one look inside the T-Mobile Arena on gameday, it is clear he succeeded.

“It is the greatest game on Earth,” Foley said.

The Vegas Golden Knights winning games and stealing hearts of fans all over the valley.

“What really happened is the team gelled. Came together quickly and it is not an accident. We're 12-3 in the playoffs.

They have done it all in record time.

In June of 2016, Foley was awarded a new franchise. Five months later, the team had a name.

Now players of other teams left unprotected, predicted to be the worst team in the league, have done the impossible. They are headed to the Stanley Cup in just one year.

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"I just say, let them talk. Let them say we shouldn't be here, we're not good enough to be here. We'll be the underdog," said Foley.

However, Foley admits it has not always been easy. In November, for instance, losing one goalie after another to injury. And still, the team found a way to win.

“I can guarantee one thing, no matter how well we do this year, we will be a better team next year. We are adding some talent. All of our draft picks will be a year older, so this team is set to be a good team for many, many years,” said Foley.

A promise from the man with an ambitious plan: not only bring hockey to the desert, but win.

“Everyone thought I was crazy when I said playoffs in three [seasons],” said Foley.

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