Governor Sandoval to sign executive order on school safety

WATCH: Full video of Governor Sandoval meeting on school safety

Walk the halls of a Nevada school, sit in the classrooms, and you might be sitting among armed teachers. You won't know it, parents aren’t told and we cannot know. While the Trump Administration says the mere knowledge that teachers are armed (or the image of it) will stop potential shooters our state believes safety is in secrecy.

When asked why the state does not disclose that information Governor Brian Sandoval told reporters this, “It’s for the safety of those who may or may not be carrying.”

The Governor was speaking after a closed-door meeting with Superintendents to talk school safety. Governor Sandoval wants to find ways to better harden campuses and provide services to students in need. To do that, he will sign an executive order, creating a task force of superintendents, teachers, students, and others.

“We don’t have a lot of time," he said. “So I think the sooner we can get this moving the better.”

He wants the task force to meet at least four times before the next school year begins. Time is an issue in Clark County. His task force comes at the same time as the school board looks to hire a new superintendent of the largest district in the state.

Current Superintended Pat Skorkowsky told reporters that while he will not be sitting on the task force he plans to send a representative while the Board makes their decision.

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