Growing memorial for manicurist killed trying to stop runaway customer

51-year-old Ngoc Nhu Nguyen, also known as Annie, was killed Saturday, Dec. 29, while trying to stop a customer who refused to pay from fleeing. (KSNV)

A nail salon worker was murdered over a manicure on Saturday, Dec. 29, when she tried to stop a customer who didn’t pay from driving away.

An employee who works at the shopping plaza near where it happened at Flamingo Road and Decatur Boulevard witnessed the entire incident from a storefront window.

He spoke on condition of anonymity about the moments a fleeing customer ran the nail salon worker over right in front of him, saying he couldn’t believe his eyes and how he barely slept after reliving the whole tragedy in his dreams.

“I dreamt that she was close to me on the car, and I was trying to reach out to her, and the car took her away, It was traumatizing. It was hard,” he said. “She put her life in someone's hands, and you can't do that. It's not her fault, but unfortunately she had her life taken from her."

The family of the victim identified her as 51-year-old Ngoc Nhu Nguyen, also known as Annie.

Investigators say that on Saturday afternoon, a white woman in her 20s came into Crystal Nails, located at 4983 W. Flamingo Road, and got a $35 manicure.

The woman tried to pay for it with a credit card, but it was declined.

She told Annie she’d be right back, but when she got into her car, she tried to drive off.

Annie and her husband ran outside after the woman. Investigators say Annie stood in front of the suspect’s car, and the suspect hit her, dragging her before speeding off.

The anonymous employee said, “His wife jumped in front of the vehicle, and that's when the lady that was driving the Camero put it in drive and proceeded to drive off. She fell off the hood and she drug her, and she sped off and left her body there.

An associate of Annie's who also wishes to remain anonymous said the deceased seemed like a strong mother.

A small makeshift memorial is now growing in front of the nail shop.

The suspect is still on the loose, and Annie's husband is offering a reward to anyone with information.

Anyone with information regarding the suspect’s whereabouts is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.

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