Gun Owners: LVMPD and a local family have an urgent message

Brooklyn Mohler's parents, along with local law enforcement, are urging gun owners to safely store their weapons. (KSNV)

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has an urgent message for gun owners to secure their weapons.

It's a plea that is personal for one police officer and a local family.

Officer Jason Cunningham almost lost his life when he was only four years old because of an unsecured weapon.

"Unfortunately, I found a loaded handgun, and it almost cost me my life," he said in front of a room full of news reporters Thursday, Dec. 6.

As an officer, he now sees firsthand how other children can end up dead.

Cunningham says he will never forget responding to a call in June of 2013.

Brooklyn Mohler's friend fatally shot her during a sleepover.

Brooklyn's father, Jacob, showed up at the scene and desperately tried to save her life.

Jacob said, "I knew I was losing her. I knew that was it, and I remember driving home with my wife and telling my wife's brother something has to happen. Something has to be done."

Now, Brooklyn's mom and dad share their story, hoping that no parent loses their child the way they did.

"I could talk about her for days. She's missed every second of every day," Darchel Mohler, Brooklyn's mother said.

She said her daughter's death and others like it are preventable.

She refuses to call them accidents because of that.

Together the Mohler's say they can't stress enough the importance of gun owners locking up their weapons.

If not, they agree with Officer Cunningham that an incident is waiting to happen.

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