Students hold town hall on gun and police violence at Clark County Library


A town hall on gun and police violence in the U.S. was held today at the Clark County Library. Students, teachers and politicians were in attendance.

Republican and democratic politicians and people running for office came together for this town hall today.

During the town hall, students and residents broke off into groups, where they sat down and had a conversation with local politicians and even candidates that are running for congress.

Beforehand, students took to the podium and spoke to those politicians and candidates. Their main focus was putting a stop to gun violence and mass shootings. The students were aiming to keep the conversation going after a worldwide push for tougher gun laws in light of the Parkland, Florida mass shooting.

Some of the politicians in attendance gave their thoughts on today’s town hall.

“We need to hear what our students have to say, it’s important how they feel,” said Republican US Senate candidate Sarah Gazala. “We need to find solutions. These are changing times. It’s not the same anymore as it was 20 years ago, 40 years ago.”

“The special thing about this movement besides the fact that it’s driven by young folks, the fact that it’s growing, it’s resonating this may be the first time we have a chance at real reform,” said Reuben D’Silva, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress District 1.

The town hall was organized by the Social Justice Caucus, which is a part of the Clark County Education Association.

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