UNLV campus shooter suspect arrested in San Bernardino, CA

UNLV Police investigating a shooting as a road rage incident. A UNLV staffer and her 11-year-old daughter were in a truck that was shot at multiple times. 7/13/17 (Nathan O'Neal | KSNV)

UPDATE: 7:01 PM - Nevada Highway Patrol confirms the UNLV campus shooter suspect was arrested and taken into custody in San Bernardino, California.

A university staffer and her 11-year-old daughter escaped a shooting uninjured at a parking lot on the UNLV campus Thursday morning. However, authorities believe the suspect who got away may be responsible for a string of carjackings across the Las Vegas Valley over the past three days.

Police say the armed suspect followed a woman to a campus parking lot and fired at least three rounds into her truck. No one was injured but the suspect took off.

“I was working in the mail center and my co-worker came running in saying that there were gunshots – he said to lock all the doors so we locked all the doors,” said Andrea Mower who works on UNLV’s campus.

UNLV officials sent out a message urging everyone on campus to shelter in place until the campus was deemed secure.

“Everyone was afraid, our teacher went and locked the door, brought in other students – everyone had high anxiety,” said UNLV student Austin Bayardo.

Police quickly determined the incident was not an active shooter situation.

While the victim initially told police she believed road rage was the motive, Henderson Police told News 3 the suspect is believed to be behind a string of carjackings over the last three days. Two of those carjackings occurred in Henderson in the area of Warm Springs Road and Eastern Avenue before it’s believed the suspect opened fire on UNLV’s campus.

“I’m still completely shocked. I think [the victim] did the right thing going to public safety trying to find a safe place for her and her child to go – I’m just glad that they just weren’t actually shot. I can’t imagine how terrified they are right now,” said Mower.

In the meantime, Henderson Police Officer Rod Pena is urging the public to remain vigilant and careful.

“Property is nothing ... it’s property, it can be replaced. A life cannot be replaced so obviously give them what they want, be a good witness and call 911 as soon as possible,” said Officer Pena.

Investigators are also reviewing surveillance video where the shooting occurred. Local law enforcement agencies including Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Henderson Police, Nevada Highway Patrol, and UNLV Police are working together in the investigation.

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