Head of Air Force comes to Nellis for Red Flag exercise


The head of the Air Force came to Nellis, Friday.

Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson is in town to meet with the top brass at the base, and take a look at the latest red flag training exercises.

One of Heather Wilson's goals is to restore the readiness of the Air Force. Nothing keeps the Air Force in fighting shape better than what happens here at Nellis.

What's happening right now is the latest red flag exercise: this one involves 2,900 people, 95 aircraft, and includes jets from Great Britain and Australia.

Nellis offers the Air Force five thousand square miles of base and training range in Nevada. It's an enormous asset for the Air Force.

Wilson came to Nellis today to get a look at red flag, and talk to the base's top brass. I asked the secretary today what is Nellis' future?

"We are now preparing for the re-emergence of great power competition under the national defense strategy published last year," said Secretary Wilson. "That renewed emphasis on the high-end fight means that we're going to be focusing more on improving the range that we have here, making sure that we have the simulators that we need, the training that we need to be able to prepare for near-peer competition, and the Nevada Test and Training Range is a big part of that."

Nellis pumps $5 billion into the local economy. 42 thousand workers are not only here at Nellis, but also at Creech Airforce Base nearby, and the training range.

The Red Flag exercise wraps up next Friday.

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