Heartwarming Reunion: Married NHP Troopers meet family they saved in apartment fire


They were off duty, but still ready to help.

Two married Nevada Highway Patrol Troopers are being hailed heroes by a local family after helping them escape a burning apartment.

It happened Saturday morning at 6666 W Washington Avenue near US 95 and Washington.

Solinea Stark calls it the day that changed everything. It was the day a fire ripped through her family’s apartment.

“Something led me out of that apartment literally seconds, seconds before the door went up in flames,” explained Solinea Stark.

Two strangers showed up to help Stark and her family get to safety. Those strangers were married NHP Troopers Joseph and Trisa DellaBella.

They were off duty that morning and heading to the gym with their children when they spotted the fire.

“I said it to my son, sometimes you can save someone's life,” explained Trooper Trisa DellaBella.

“And our kids said, but Daddy you're not working today, and I said, well sometimes you're not working and you have to do that,” said Trooper Joseph DellaBella.

Stark makes no secret of her love for the two NHP Troopers who saved her family.

After learning she would have the chance to meet them, she bought them a card,

In the card, Stark wrote, “Dear Joseph and Trisa, it turns out they don't make cards that say thank you for my saving my life.”

For Stark, there are simply no words to write in a card. It turns out, a hug is the best way to say thank you.

That’s exactly what happened when Stark had the chance to meet the DellaBellas.

“Thank you so much,” said Stark as she held on tightly to Joseph DellaBella.

“Of course,” he replied.

Stark says the two are her heroes.

“There are no words. There are no words. I'm sorry. I don't know what to say,” Stark said while standing with the couple.

For Trisa DellaBella, this story is personal. Her own condo burned down in Las Vegas 11 years ago this May.

“It's one thing to get out okay, but it's another situation when you've lost everything,” she explained.

It turns out, a local business was touched by the Stark’s story and the family’s unimaginable loss.

Nevada Coin Mart surprised the family with a gift card during their reunion with the NHP Troopers.

“This is a 500 dollar gift card for you and your family,” said Neil Sackmary with Nevada Coin Mart.

“Oh my god,” replied Stark.

Sackmary said anyone from the community can drop off gift cards for the family at Nevada Coin Mart. They will accept them over the next week. The store is located at Jones and Flamingo.

Stark said she is overwhelmed by the generosity, along with the fact so many care about Stark and her family, all because of a day that changed everything.

“I feel so silly,” said Stark as she accepted the gift card.

“You can just give me a hug. How's that?” asked Sackmary with a laugh.

“Thank you,” said Stark. “You're very welcome ma’am,” he responded.

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