Henderson booming with 'The Block' development underway

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It's on track to become one of the fastest growing parts of the valley.

It's an area known "Henderson West."

A number of projects have already broken ground near St. Rose Parkway and Las Vegas Boulevard.

A new urban core called "The Block" is in the design stages.

The development would go in on about 110 acres east of The M Resort off St. Rose Parkway.

Its a massive mixed-use development of residential, retail and entertainment. And while it's still in the planning stages, interest in Henderson West is growing.

"The proposal includes about half-a-million square feet of retail and entertainment. A retail street that connects it to a cinema", says David Alpaugh with John Fain Architects.

Alpaugh says Henderson West will also include nearly 3,000 residential units. Everything carefully integrated around biking trails, and walkable space.

"We're talking with the developer on a weekly basis about which areas may move forward sooner rather than later", says Alpaugh.

"Henderson West embodies everything the city strives for", says Henderson Mayor Debra March.

On Wednesday, March included the project in her annual state of the city address.

In the past year, the city she says has permitted nearly 11 million square feet of new construction.

Residents say Henderson is the place to be these days.

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