Henderson family’s nightmare reality: Child luring suspect lives 100 feet away


A Henderson father says his family is living a daily nightmare after a neighbor allegedly tried to lure his young daughter into the stranger’s apartment.

Fil Hinojosa told News 3 a stranger tried to bait his 11-year-old daughter back in March with candy, cash, and toys.

Cell phone video shows the moment when Hinojosa confronted the suspect.

“I was banging and banging and kicking his door out of the adrenaline and anger,” he said.

Police arrested Glenn Coffer and booked him for the misdemeanor charge of luring a child. It’s been three months since his arrest and now Coffer is out on bail, living less than a hundred feet away from Hinojosa and his family.

“He’s just roaming around like nothing,” said Hinojosa, adding that he spotted the suspect at the apartment’s dog park and confronted him once again.

While Hinojosa concedes he has no idea what the man’s intentions were, he is hoping the justice system will work in his favor.

“I'm going to leave it to the court system and let them take care of it but I want to see him put away so no child can get hurt,” said Hinojosa.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Coffer on June 13.

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