Henderson home surveillance camera catches thieves stealing packages

A Henderson home surveillance camera caught thieves in action, stealing packages after a UPS worker delivered them near Pacific and Van Wagenen. (Photo provided)

A Henderson home surveillance camera caught thieves in action.

Seen in the surveillance video, a UPS delivery man opens up the security gate and leaves two packages inside the property located near Pacific Avenue and Van Wagenen Street.

Four minutes later, a man in a red pickup truck jumps out from the passenger side and goes straight through the security door. The video shows the bad guy has no regard as he throws the two boxes in the back of the pickup.

"I couldn't believe it," said Sandy Walters, the homeowner.

Walters says she was surprised when she saw the video.

"My husband came home and said the gate's wide open, the packages were delivered. I said there are no packages," said Walters. "When I rewound the cameras, you could see them all."

Walters tells us the thief stole a generator and DVD player, totaling $700.

"I would like them to be caught because it's a violation. I don't want it to happen to anyone else," said Walters.

The longtime Henderson resident says police detectives believe it's possible the criminals are following UPS trucks. Walters tells us with the holidays coming, people need to be cautious of these package thieves.

"I've been talking to my neighbors. I warned them all," said Walters. "They're spreading the word. Watch out, you know."

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