Las Vegas man accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl inside her home

    Mario Alston (Henderson Police Department/KSNV)

    Henderson Police say an ad on Craigslist sparked a relationship between a 13-year-old girl and 38-year-old Mario Alston. In January, the girl responded to an ad Alston put out.

    "Over a period of time after communicating back and forth on email, moved over to a messenger app called Kik,” said Officer Chris Holman with Henderson Police.

    Detectives say Alston and the 13-year-old started communicating non-stop on the "Kik" app. It's an app where messages can be hidden from parents.

    "The ‘Kik’ app is an anonymous app. The user is allowed to create a name and age and profile. Really, there is no verification process at the app,” said Holman.

    Investigators say the teen gave Alston her home address through the app. Alston then set up a meeting at the girl's home.

    Once Alston knew the teen's parents were not home he made his move. Officers say the 38-year-old went inside the girl's Henderson home and sexually assaulted her.

    Days later, the 13-year-old told a school counselor what happened and that's when police investigated.

    "We need to work together with parents and kids and talk with them about responsibilities of having a phone,” said Holman.

    Alston is now booked at the Henderson Detention Center, facing two counts of sexual assault with a child under 14.

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