Heroes use trucks to save shooting victims lives

Victims helping others.PNG

"If my truck could talk,” as Jason Aldean sings, “it's been good to me but it knows too much”

Bailey Thompson, who is enlisted in the Army, used his truck to get Sunday night's shooting victims to the hospital.

"I had to of loaded at least 13 to 14 people in the bed of my truck," said Thompson.

Taylor Winston and Genn Lewis stole a truck to help victims too.

"The first vehicle we looked at the keys were in it and that's when I looked at Jenn and said I am going to get into trouble but let's go," said Winston.

These heroes faced a question you may never know the answer to until you have the choice: do you run for your life or stay and help others?

"There were four rounds that actually hit. [They] couldn't have been more than a foot away," said Thompson.

But in the heat of moment Winston, who is a Marine, says they weren't the only folks to step up. He says hundreds of other people risked their own lives to save others.

He says it’s that human compassion that's more powerful than one person with an evil plan. In the truck, Winston said there were people with gunshot wounds to their necks, their chest, and a woman had a hole in her chest the size of his fist. Thompson said he had similar victims too. Thompson said he lost a friend and has another who is waiting to get surgery.

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