'Hey Siri': Popular Apple tool helps save man's life after he crashes jeep

One Vegas man is alive today thanks to 'Siri' the popular voice-controlled tool on Apple devices after he crashed his Jeep while off-roading. (KSNV)

A Pahrump father dodged death with the help of Apple’s Siri.

Nate Felix crashed his jeep in the desert and couldn’t reach his phone, so he asked the voice recognition service to call 911 for him.

It happened Dec. 7 during an off-road excursion onto the dry lake bed off of Homestead Road.

“As soon as I felt the rear end of the jeep start to come around sideways, there it went,” said Nate Felix.

Felix said there wasn’t time to think, only react, after flipping his jeep.

“I tried to crawl out but my body was paralyzed, I couldn't even lift my head, " he said.

Felix was trapped and in pain, desperately trying to think of a way to get himself and his dog to safety.

“I had my dog lay next to me, trying to figure if I could stay warm for the night, but after ten minutes of that I realized there was no way I would be able to stay warm enough,” explained Felix.

Felix couldn’t move. No one could hear him scream, except maybe his iPhone.

“I had no idea where my phone was, so I yelled, 'Hey Siri, call so-and-so, call so-and-so', going through anyone I could think of. It didn't work out, cannot connect, cannot connect,” explained Felix.

“So, I said, 'Hey Siri, call 911', and it said, 'Connecting', he continued.

Lying upside down on his stomach, Nate had just one person on his mind: his 10-year-old daughter Dallis.

“Unfortunately, she lost her mom to cancer and I got to get home,” said Felix.

Thanks to Captain James Perry with Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Services, that 10-year-old still has her father.

Perry and his crew used the jaws of life to rescue Perry from the Jeep.

“Once we were able to pop the door, it was easy to slide him right out,” said Captain James Perry. "We were able to slide him right out onto a backboard."

Perry said his team relied on the lights from their truck to see Felix and extricate him from the Jeep.

“It’s dark. There was no moon out that night,” explained Perry.

Felix was then flown to UMC Trauma.

“If he had stayed out there in the cold, he could’ve easily gone into hypothermia,” he continued.

After four days in the hospital, Felix was able to go home to Pahrump.

He now relies on a wheelchair to get around.

“The two vertebrae that I broke, turns out are the nerve endings for the arms and hands, and it feels like my arms are sitting in a fireplace,” said Felix.

“Hopefully, getting better day by day,” he continued.

That day on the dry lake bed plays out over and over again in his head. So do two words that saved his life: Hey Siri.

If you’d like to help Felix with his medical expenses, go to his GoFundMe page.

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