High-tech indoor farm promises 'safer' produce for Las Vegas restaurants


It is one of the largest indoor farms in the country, and it is taking root right here in Las Vegas.

Chinese-backed farm "Oasis Biotech" plans to grow more than a million pounds of produce per year, mostly for high-end restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip.

"Our overall goal is to feed the world better,” said Chief Operating Officer Brock Leach.

It is a high-tech process with complete control of the environment; from temperature to air quality and light exposure. The hydroponic method uses 90 percent less water than traditional agriculture.

“We are controlling the environment to make sure we get the maximum nutrition out of it,” said Nick Zabikow, Vice President of Sales.

The 215,000 square-foot facility sits in a refurbished industrial building near Sandhill and Sunset roads. Workers go through a sanitization process when entering the farm and wear protective equipment from head to toe.

Leach said those layers of protection are needed to keep unwanted pests out of the produce, with no pesticides used as part of the operation.

“By keeping the bad stuff out, we can deliver the safest food in the market, and leafy greens is the number one source of food-borne illness,” said Leach.

Oasis Biotech is opening the entire farm to the public on Saturday, July 21.


Grand Opening Food Festival (Open to the General Public)

Saturday, July 21, 2018

2pm to 6pm – Festival style food, entertainment and mini tours of the facility

6225 Annie Oakley Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89120

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