Home burglaries on the rise in Northwest Las Vegas

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Home burglaries are on the rise in the Northwest Valley.

New numbers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department show more than 400 break-ins since the beginning of 2018.

The most recent one happened in Granada Palomar at the Paseos in Summerlin.

Melinda Piccirilli watched the burglary at their Summerlin home play out in real time on her phone.

"As I was watching it, it was surreal,” said Melinda Piccirilli. "It’s live in the moment. I’m on the phone with Metro yelling, they are in my house right now. “Then I can hear the helicopters. It was just the most surreal experience,” she continued.

Home security video caught two men sneaking around the family’s backyard.

"A motion light went on, so they hide, thinking someone is home and then they waited,” said Piccirilli. "After 30 seconds, they realize no one is home and they come back,” she continued.

The two suspects can be seen on video grabbing a stick to knock down a security camera.

Seconds later, they smash in a back window on the home.

The family’s alarm and three barking chihuahuas scare the would-be burglars away.

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"They are like mini little security guards,” explained Piccirilli. "Nothing was taken. They got scared off.”

It turns out, even the smallest pups, with the tiniest yaps, can stop burglars.

Randy Klenosky is a Crime Prevention Specialist with the Metropolitan Police Department.

“The top two things that deter burglars are dogs, no matter what the size, and the alarm system, when they are used properly,” said Klenosky.

According to Klenosky, too often homeowners don’t bother turning on their alarm systems.

But he says, protecting your home doesn’t have to be expensive.

"One of the cheapest things you can do is to secure the door frames in your home,” explained Klenosky.

"Many burglaries are committed by kicking in a front or rear door. Usually, homes are built with 1/2 inch screws. One of the first things we recommend is replacing those with 3 to 4-inch screws so it gets into the frame of the home, deep into the studs,” he continued.

Just in the last month, there have been six home burglaries within a mile of her Summerlin home.

In fact, home break-ins in the Northwest valley are up 8 percent compared to this same time last year.

"When we do apprehend the suspects for burglaries, they are responsible for more than one, usually it’s a series of events,” said Klenosky.

If you recognize the men in the Summerlin home security video, Piccirilli wants to hear from you. Send her a message at:

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