Home invader locks eyes with family upon break-in

Home Invasion.png

A home invasion victim is speaking out about the intruder who broke into his home.

"My wife wants everybody to sleep in the living room because she's scared that people might come in. She's really afraid and it hurts my heart", says homeowner Terry Caoagan.

Caoagan tells us his family's daily routine has been ripped apart by a home invader.

"My wife heard a big noise", said Caoagan.

Caoagan tells us his wife and daughter were horrified after an intruder entered their house off of Pollock Drive and Pebble Road Monday morning.

"She went into the bedroom in from the living room to the kitchen and someone was coming through the backdoor", Caoagan says.

The intruder used something to shatter the glass to this now boarded up sliding back door. Caoagan's wife came eye to eye with the suspect.

"I saw him coming through the blinds", says Caogan.

Luckily, the bad guy ran away. A police helicopter was called in -- but the suspect could not be found.

Caoagan said, "It was a dramatic thing. My wife is all shook up", says Caoagan.

He says he can't believe someone tried to break into his home located in this usually quiet south central neighborhood. He doesn't know if he'll ever feel safe again.

"It's scary. I don't like what I feel right now."

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