Home security fresh on minds after an attempted burglary in quiet neighborhood


Regardless of where someone lives, Edward Lease says home security is something people shouldn’t mess around with.

“It’s just something that you have to keep on the top of your mind,” Lease said.

Lately, it’s been fresh on the minds of many people who live in the quiet corner of the Peccole Ranch neighborhood near Ft. Apache and Charleston.

Over the weekend, police responded to an attempted burglary around 9:00 p.m. at a home on Castle Crest Drive and a neighbor says there was another incident on Sunday.

“From what I’ve heard, from the neighbors, is that they’ve had some drive-ins where people have come into the area, hit three or four homes, and they vanish,” Lease said.

One woman who lives in the area said, “constantly, we’re being targeted.” She did not want to be identified. She explained that the problem isn’t the people who live in the neighborhood, it’s the people who don’t.

“There’s no troublesome neighbors, no crazy partying, nothing going on,” she said. “Then, suddenly, your car is broken into.”

She has a “Ring” Doorbell that takes surveillance videos on her property. On Wednesday, she caught a woman, a stranger, wandering into her yard. She says the woman is a stranger by name to the neighborhood, but not by face.

“There’s a neighborhood watch program, where the neighbor's post,” the concerned neighbor said. “That same woman was posted going through other people’s yards.”

Lease says there isn’t a need to be frightened but this is a good reminder to be vigilant and to always lock up.

“Make sure you lock all of your windows and doors,” he said. “Don’t keep your remote in your car or your car unlocked.”

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