Homeless dads with kids find help at Las Vegas Rescue Mission

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There’s a new face for homelessness in the Las Vegas valley.

Single dads down on their luck with their children in tow.

It’s an emerging problem and the Las Vegas Rescue Mission is doing its part to make sure these families aren’t forgotten.

Greg Cox is trying to rebuild his lie and gave his 6-year-old daughter a better future.

“It takes a lot to come to a place like this and say I need help,” said Greg Cox.

Cox is a homeless single Dad. He moved to Las Vegas from Kentucky. His little girl Kierra is in the first grade.

“The first question is usually: Where's mom?” said Cox.

According to Cox, Kierra’s mom is in a Florida prison.

Bob David helps run the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. He said it’s one of only two shelters in Las Vegas with temporary housing for single dads. It’s a portion of the homeless population that you don’t always see when you look at the tents lining the Mission’s backyard and downtown Las Vegas.

“Our whole fundamental goal is to welcome them with open arms,” explained Bob David.

The Mission offers them a safe place to stay together.

“It gives them a sense of peace. It gives them a sense of security. They dine together. They room together,” he continued.

Eventually, Cox and his daughter will have a place of their own.

With the help of Family Promise of Las Vegas, Cox is looking for a permanent home and a job.

Terri Lindemann is the executive director of Family Promise.

“We always give single dads a high priority,” said Terri Lindemann.

“You gotta help yourself, regardless. Nobody is gonna come looking for you,” said Cox.

“It’s a hard road, but keep faith in God and you'll make it,” he continued.

He only sees his and Kierra’s life going one way.

“Nothing but up. Nothing but up,” he explained.

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