Homeless shelters fill up over fears of violence

Shelters across the Valley are seeing a higher demand for beds as police try and find the person terrorizing homeless people.

Detectives have linked four shootings since Jan. 29. Two people have died, two others injured.

This is a message police say they have all year round, now more than ever, it is not safe to sleep outside.

By now you've probably seen the surveillance tape. Someone casually walks up and murders the man as he slept.

Again, The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department describing a "serial shooter" who is targeting homeless people in the Downtown Las Vegas area.

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Monday night, a Salvation Army bus was shot at along Owens Avenue smashing two windows.

No one was hurt. Investigators don't know whether it's related to the homicides. However, it is another example of the dangers facing the homeless population.

Now, LVMPD and local non-profits who make up outreach teams are asking people to please come into the shelters and do not risk sleeping on the street.

"Actively try to take these services because we're not just offering you, for now, we're trying to house you long-term, permanently so that you're not on the street and you can't be victimized by the certain individual out there", said John Purcell with Metro Police.

Juan Salinas with the Salvation Army states, "the other thing is people are so used to being fed, somebody just feeding them out there, so they don't know should they approach somebody? Or is somebody going to be violent?"

Meantime if you know anything about the recent shootings, call Crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. You can remain anonymous.

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