Body discovered after driver spots a suspicious object in the desert

Metro police say a Dept of Wildlife game warden came across a body near Pabco and Lake Mead in the desert. (KSNV)

A man’s body was found near Lake Mead and Pabco Road, now investigators are tasked with figuring out if his death is a homicide.

On Thursday, authorities used flashlights to get to a location in the dark where the body was lying in plain sight of the road.

The man was first spotted by a Department Of Wildlife Game Warden as he was driving down the road.

Red Rock Search And Rescue's Brian Zink says their team members come across the unexpected too.

"It happens quite often that our team will be on a search looking for either a live person or a missing person and we will come across remains," Zink said.

Police say it looks like the man may have been stabbed but police tell us they have to wait for an autopsy to find out if his death is suspicious.

The body was found on BLM land and their agents will lead this investigation with the help of Metro police. Search and Rescue has not yet been called out to help authorities on Thursday. But Zink said a lot of times they get a call to come out and assist once the body has been discovered due to the location of the body or the state the body.

Police said they may call SAR to help the coroner remove the body. This is the reason search and rescue has to be prepared at any time.

"We could get a call out at any minute," Zink said.

Metro said the will collect evident for several hours, but expect the body will be removed from the scene on Tuesday night.

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