Man shoots ex-girlfriends new lover to death, kidnaps her


Detectives say the murder victim was staying with the kidnapped woman when her ex-boyfriend forced his way into the house.

"Unfortunately, we have a very violent male who is the suspect,” said LVMPD Lt. Dan McGrath “In this case, sometimes they're unpredictable."

The accused murderer took his kidnapped ex to an apartment located seven miles from the murder scene. The woman managed to escape to a Walgreens at Tropicana and Decatur.

Officers tell us the suspect harassed his ex for a while.

"She was concerned. She did file a restraining order,” said Lt. Dan McGrath “She got the emergency restraining order."

Police finally spotted the ex-boyfriend near the northbound I-15 and Russell. The suspect tried getting away, but officers managed to force the man to stop.

The suspect was taken into custody.

Kouranki is happy knowing the man he witnessed kidnapping his neighbor is under arrest.

"He never gave a good vibe in my opinion,” Kouranki said. “Just negative energy."

The suspect's vehicle was stopped by patrol on the northbound I-15 on-ramp to Tropicana Avenue.

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