How many cookies can you eat? Girl Scouts will find out

Girl Scouts gathered Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016, to learn skills associated with selling cookies -- as well as to have some fun. [ Ron English | News3]

Hundreds of local Girl Scouts and their families took part in an annual cookie kickoff event Saturday morning.

Among various activities, the girls learned from each other important life skills such as goal setting, money management and business ethics.

Athena Morales, 12, has been selling cookies as a Girl Scout for the past six years.

"My goal is to sell 550 (boxes) cookies, and I know that sounds ambitious, but it's possible," she said. "The key to selling cookies is to be kind and polite, and people will just like that."

She's one of more than 4,000 Girl Scouts in Southern Nevada.

Liz Ortenburger, the CEO of Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada, says Saturday's annual kickoff event teaches the girls what they need to know to sell cookies. She says the hope is to sell a million boxes this year. Last year, the girls sold 847,000 boxes which amounted to almost $4 million in local revenue.

"Girls are earning money to support their troop and their dreams and things they want to do for that year, which is really exciting," said Ortenburger. "The larger picture is girls are learning some valuable lessons about financial literacy, what does it mean to be a business owner and to run your own business, and what does it mean to goal set."

Friday, boxes of cookies will arrive. The girls will then do their walkarounds in neighborhoods next weekend, and the following weekend, the cookies will begin to be available at booths.

Now in the digital world, you can go to the the Girl Scouts website, put in a request for a girl to contact you, and you'll receive a link to purchase cookies. There is also a cookie app finder so it'll be easier to find where the cookie booths are. Cookies will be available through mid-March.

Boxes cost $5 each.

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