How to fend off an attacker: Simple moves anyone (old or young) can use

Self-defense instructor Roland Rogers admits anyone can defend themselves without using force.

The 80-year-old has a black belt but doesn’t rely on it to protect himself.

“My black belt does nothing for me. I'm too old,” he explained with a laugh.

Rogers developed his program “Survival One” and offers free self-defense classes around the Las Vegas Valley.

He said the elderly, women, and children are “soft targets.”

“People never believe it can happen to them. Until it does,” Roger explained.

The key, he said, is to get close to your attacker and strike fast.

If you’re grabbed from behind, he recommends using the elbow strike.

If you find yourself face-to-face with an attacker, he said you should use the trachea strike.

“All I do is bang, right in there,” he explained during a demonstration.

“I bend my fingers at the first knuckles. I secure them with the thumb and pinky and just grab you and strike in the trachea,” he explained.

If you find someone’s hands around your neck, push up while shooting your right fist upwards between his or her arms.

Always protect yourself first, and not your purse or belongings.

“If a mugger is approaching you and wants your purse, throw it over there and run in that (opposite) direction,” he said.

Rogers recommends everyone, especially children, be taught to target vulnerable areas of an attacker.

“They gotta scream. They gotta scratch. Draw blood. Draw DNA. Go for the eyes. The eyes are so delicate and so vulnerable,” said Rogers.

Most importantly, be aware of what’s going on around you.

Officer Laura Meltzer recommends always using an old-fashioned technique that is tried and true.

“The buddy system is an appropriate system to use, especially when you're in public areas", says Meltzer.

Rogers also recommends keeping wasp spray in your home. He said a canister will cost about $5 and will spray 27 feet.

“It’s highly effective. One spray and the guy is incapacitated,” he noted.

Rogers teaches self-defense classes at community centers and businesses.

To learn more, call him at 818-720-8230.

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