Hundreds of Clark County homeowners speak out to oppose annexation proposal

Hundreds of Clark County residents flooded the Las Vegas City Council chambers Monday to oppose the annexation of roughly 900 acres of county land.

Some homeowners call the proposed annexation a land and money grab by the city. For many, it would mean living under new city rules and paying new city taxes.

Thomas Heath says the annexation of his property into city limits would compromise his quality of life.

“If property taxes go up I may lose my home”, said Heath.

The city wants to annex 900 acres of land, pockets of Clark County, scattered throughout the valley.

City leaders say roughly 4,000 property owners benefit from some city services but they don’t pay city taxes.

“When these things come up it isn’t to line a city pocket or tries to boost a budget. It’s equity, it’s fairness,” said Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Coffin.

Residents can file their opposition over the next 15 days with the city clerk. It a majority of property owners opposes it, the annexation could be put on hold for another year.

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