Hundreds voice opinions on creation of new city in east valley

Hundreds of people sit in for the town hall to explore creating the City of East Las Vegas. (Nathan O'Neal | KSNV)

The debate over whether to create a new city in the far east valley attracted more than 500 residents during a town hall Tuesday.

The possibility of breaking away from Clark County is a move that would affect roughly 260,000 residents.

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Amaty Faught is one of those residents. She’s also a mother of six young children and she said it’s hard for her to watch her youngest daughter play on dusty, neglected parks.

“I would rather the parks be better, everything around here be better,” said Faught, speaking about her vision of a better future for the community.

She lives in the far east valley and believes it might be time to break away from Clark County and create their own city.

“If you have someone good running it and actually have the right intentions you can build this up and make it worthwhile for the people around here,” said Faught.

However, at the public town hall hosted at the Hollywood Recreation Center, most of the residents who spoke out were in opposition to the incorporation proposal.

“We didn’t ask for this,” said one resident.

The town hall served as a discussion about the challenges the community would face if it proceeds with incorporations, including police and fire protection, public works and taxes.

“The communities are stressed to the max,” said one resident. “ If they’re going to stress us out, even more, we don’t need it, but what we do need is opportunities.”

That’s something Faught can understand as a mother concerned about her children’s future, despite all the heated talk about turning the community around.

“I would like them to see success on this side of town where sometimes I think it's hard to see it,” said Faught.

For perspective, this isn’t the first time the east valley has tried to break away from Clark County.

In 1987, there was a failed effort to create the City of Mesa Vista.

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