Hyperloop One system reaches 192 mph during historic test in North Las Vegas

HyperloopOne system reaches 192 mph in historic test in North Las Vegas this week. 8/02/17 (Nathan O'Neal | KSNV)

Hyperloop One conducted a landmark test this week of its futuristic transportation system in North Las Vegas, sending an unmanned pod through an air tight tube at 192 miles per hour.

“This is the beginning and the dawn of a new era in transportation – the first new major form of transportation in 100 years,” said Hyperloop One Executive Chairman & co-founder Shervin Pishevar. “It’s going to basically change the way we live, where we work and make the world a much smaller place and turn cities into Metro stops.”

The Los Angeles-based company is one of a handful of similar companies racing to be the first to commercialize Hyperloop travel.

Hyperloop One engineers say the concept is more than just a pipe dream as they work to test and fine tune the technology, including a magnetic levitation system that could eventually allow the pods to glide at airliner speeds.

“We’re running the pod faster and faster each day and we’re going longer and longer distances and we’re getting closer to deploying it around the world,” said Josh Giegel, Hyperloop One’s President of Engineering.

The company hopes to carry cargo by 2020 and passengers a year later.

“You’re going to hear the sound of Hyperloop and it sounds incredible. It’s the future… it’s the sound of the future,” said Pishevar.

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