Mountain's Edge residents concerned with desert dumping ground

A man with a junk removal company was caught on camera dumping on Bureau of Land Management property illegally. [KSNV]

Just off the intersection of Durango Drive and Cactus Avenue in Mountain's Edge, you'll find a vast desert polluted by trash.

It's become a desert dumping ground.

"To have it tainted with something like that, it's frustrating. As I've mentioned earlier, it doesn't seem to get better over time," said Nick Carlisle, who lives in the area. He says he sees people dumping junk in the desert every week.

"Many, many people dump many, many things often. I've seen chairs, couches, palettes of fireworks, mattresses, all sorts of things out in the desert," he said.

News 3 walked through the desert landscape and found what looked like a child's bedroom from a family home scattered throughout. We saw broken furniture, children's' clothes and toys, even a photo collage and a family tree.

One concerned resident caught on camera a man who appeared to be dumping trash into the area. He then started to load them back up in the presence of a police officer. News 3 tracked him down and asked why. He told us he thought it was okay to dump his trash there because others were doing it too. Then he asked, "it's not even your property, why do you care?"

This desert area is owned by the Bureau of Land Management, which means it's public land. It's land we all share.

If convicted, an illegal dumper can face fines and jail time. Anyone who provides information leading to a conviction of one can receive a reward.

To report illegal dumping on BLM property, click here.

To report illegal dumping on Clark County property, click here.

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