'I'm going to die in Christy's bathroom': Testimony begins in War Machine trial

On Monday, a jury for the first time listened to opening testimony about the former MMA fighter who allegedly attacked his then-girlfriend.

Prosecutors say the beating left Christine Mackinday, known professionally as "Christy Mack" with several broken bones and teeth.

911 call: "Jon stop! Jon stop it!"

A jury of six men and six women listened to the 911 call made from Mack from her Las Vegas home the night of the alleged attack in August 2014.

Deputy district attorney Jacqueline Bluth wasted no time speaking of the assaults she says War Machine, birth name Jonathan Koppenhaver, inflicted on his one-time girlfriend Christy Mack.

"He now takes that handle and starts to create lacerations on her head," Bluth said. "He digs it into her ear and into her hands."

Defense attorney Jay Liederman, in his opening statements, brought up the rape fantasies. He says Mack wanted War Machine to perform with her.

"The evidence is going to show that Mr. Koppenhaver was told he had consent to do things," said Liederman.

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The first witness brought to the stand was Corey Thomas, the man who was with Mack the night prosecutors say the attack happened.

"He bit me there on the cheek, and I could feel the bite," Thomas said. "And once it registered I was getting bitten, then I put my hands back up to try to break him off my face and then he hit me on the arm", said Thomas.

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Thomas says he was then put in a choke hold. He remembers the fight between him and War Machine lasting about 12 minutes.

"I'm looking up at the ceiling thinking to myself 'I'm going to die in Christy's bathroom.' That's not how I'm going out," Thomas testified.

Thomas says as the fight wound down, War Machine started reasoning with him.

"How do I know if I let you go, you won't be a snitch?" I told him, "I'm no snitch.' " Thomas testified.

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