In affidavit, embattled lawyer Robert Graham says he also is a victim

The Lawyers West office where Robert Graham once based his business, now sits empty (KSNV)

The Las Vegas attorney at the center of a huge investigation involving millions of missing dollars says he also is a victim.

Robert Graham hasn't been seen since allegations about his financial dealings surfaced.

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His wife, Linda, told News 3 over the phone from Fort Collins, Colo., that what he did destroyed their family. She was working for a branch of the law firm there until mid-November when – like his offices here in Las Vegas – it closed down.

She didn't want to be recorded on the phone, but she said she's just filed for divorce from Robert Graham.

In a 35-page affidavit obtained by News 3, Graham claims he did not abandon his law firm, that he has plans in place to close it and had been working with an attorney since Thanksgiving.

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He was also adamant that his wife had no involvement in the company’s financial dealings. He described how transactions are traced and said "the processing of funds was ridiculously easy to follow." He even blamed the State Bar of Nevada for stepping in too soon.

Graham does not mention the alleged millions of dollars of his clients’ monies that are missing. Instead, he asks that his accounts be unfrozen so he can pay his employees and staff.

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News 3 spoke with Las Vegas attorney Norman Reed last week when the story first aired. He said, "I'd say there's good circumstantial evidence that there's something connected to a trust fund account or some behavior the lawyer did that they're ashamed of and frankly their resolution to that was to run away."

Instead of explaining what happened, Graham casts blame on a former client for "reckless and unfounded accusations" against his wife saying that person now has "blood on their hands."

While the state bar has since assigned other attorney's to take over Graham's open cases, questions remain about where's the cash.

Setta Freeman's family is a client of Graham's. She told News 3 "My honest opinion is its lost. I can't see why else he would just disappear like this, unless he emptied that trust account."

Graham isn't facing criminal charges, but he is being investigated by the FBI and Metro police.

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