Inside EDC: A first-time attendee's experience under the electric sky

Electric Daisy Carnival 2016 [Jami Seymore | KSNV]

LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) -- Once a year, the Electric Daisy Carnival takes over the Las Vegas Valley and transforms the Speedway.

Fans and DJs alike unite for a three-day weekend of electronic music, carnival fun, and unity, all "under the electric sky."

Members of the News 3 crew went inside for the ultimate EDC experience.

The lines and hordes of people entering the festival grounds never seemed to end. As gates opened around 7 p.m., festival fans adorned in fuzzy boots, beaded bracelets, wings, and more rushed through detectors and into the entrance.

Fans excitedly ran to the various stages and immediately began to dance and groove to the heavy beats already pulsing away.

GALLERY | Electric Daisy Carnival 2016

According to event sponsor Insomniac, EDC brought in about 135,000 fans per night for the 20th anniversary of the festival. While crowded, it certainly didn't feel like that many people were packed into the grounds.

The culture of the festival seems to revolve around "PLUR," standing for Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and much of the crowd radiated that feeling and stance.

100+ degree temperatures didn't stop many from enjoying the night, but the festival did provide free filtered water stations for everyone to keep hydrated.

An hour or so after gates opened, the sun finally set and the real fun began.

As the day turned to night, the Speedway transformed into an LED-powered technicolor Wonderland.

Carnival rides whirled around in a blur of colors.

A giant Steampunk-style Octopus shot flames out of its tentacles as it drove around.

Whimsical fans dressed as butterflies, cats, flowers, and even "Left Shark" danced around to the music.

There was no lack of skin in these costumes, either -- plenty of scantily clad "costumes" also made their debut. The most memorable? A girl wearing nothing but one-inch thick ribbons, and a gentleman in a lime green onesie, ala Borat.

With rides, food, and art, there was plenty of spots to partake in the fun of the festival.

But the main reason why many people were there? The MUSIC.

Electronic dance music is one of its kind and likely a love-it-or-hate-it perspective for most.

Personally, the style of music has never been my cup of tea; I went to college in this city and plenty of classmates and Greek-life peers were huge fans of the genre and annual festival, though.

The crowd was absolutely enthralled by the numerous DJs and fast-paced beats around the Speedway.

Hoards of people moved to the beat, dancing, jumping, and truly loving every moment.

It was hard to resist the infectious environment and we caught ourselves dancing and jumping along every now and then, as well.

We may have only lasted a few hours into the first night, but the diehards were there from dusk to dawn, three nights in a row -- they get major props for that.

Overall, the Electric Daisy Carnival is truly one of its kind and the type of experience someone should experience at least once.

Happy 20th anniversary, EDC. I'm sure we'll see you return to the valley for years to come.

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