Insider Preview: Lara Trump talks State of the Union

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So, what will Donald Trump talk about Tuesday night?

His daughter-in-law Lara Trump has a direct line to the White House, and News 3 spoke with her.

“I think that you are going to hear from this president that he is really looking for a bipartisan way forward when it comes to our broken immigration system and border security,” Trump said.

The battle over the border, and the war over the wall led to the longest government shutdown in history: 35 days, which rattled Republicans, left both parties pointing fingers and still has the President dismissive that border security and agency funding deal can be finished Feb. 15, when the next deadline hits.

So, for Donald Trump, he walks into a House Chamber Tuesday night that is very different from the one he addressed a year ago: Democrats now control the House, and Democrats like Las Vegas' Dina Titus now sit on powerful committees.

In November, voters sent both liberal and moderate Democrats to Washington.

“You've got a new group of young, pretty radical members. You've got a large group from the suburbs, though, who consider themselves there to get something done, so they're looking for kind of an olive branch. They want to see that,” Titus said at her Las Vegas office.

The White House says Tuesday night's theme will be 'unity,' delivered in a Capitol that is anything but unified.

Lara Trump says the President's message will be "that he has ideas and solutions and ways forward that will benefit everyone in the country, and if that can't be a unifying message, I don't know what is.”

Progressives say they’ll believe it when they hear it.

“I think you will see him trying to unify his base. More than anything, try to rally his base for his agenda,” says Maria Teresa Liebermann with Battle Born Progress.

Titus hopes Trump’s message is compromise.

On Monday she met with TSA workers still recovering from the shutdown.

In the meantime, Tuesday night Trump will talk up the economy (strong jobs numbers last Friday), and his foreign policy (a 2nd summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un nears), and, local Peter Fralick hopes.

“I want to hear that we're going to build the wall. That we're going to have the funding for the wall,” Fralick said outside the Paseo Verde Library in Henderson.

That's where News 3 also ran into local J.R. Lauro and asked what he wants to hear form Donald Trump Tuesday.

"That he's going to resign," Lauro said.

You won't hear that, but maybe how he plans to move forward in a very divided country.

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