INTERVIEW: Lionel Richie begins residency at Planet Hollywood


Lionel Richie Lionel Richie is set to kick off his residency right here in Las Vegas. He'll hit the stage for the first time at 8:00 p.m. Wednesday evening at Planet Hollywood.

The five-time Grammy-Award-winning singer described seeing his name in lights as a "once in a lifetime feeling."

Richie will perform 14 shows with his residency "Lionel Richie- All The Hits." While we will see him belt out the classics, he will also bring a new Vegas vibe to the show.

He sat down with our Jillian Lopez to share how he's bringing all the glitz and glam.

"You can do things here in Vegas that you cannot do anywhere else in the world because no one would get it,” said Richie. “You're gonna bring the glitz, you're gonna bring the glam.”

He also said that he appreciates being able to “talk to the audience” in Las Vegas.

"When you're doing the stage show in Germany, remember there's a language barrier. When you're doing the stage show in China there's a language barrier. Here you can say anything you wanna say. They know the words and they really want to get to talk and know you", says Richie.

Richie said this is a dream come true, and all of the milestones in his life have led him to this very moment.

But his favorite part of performing is seeing the fans in the audience -- some that even resemble him identically.

"Now my new thing is people will show up looking like Lionel Richie from 1975, and here's the afro in the audience,” said Richie. “They were doctors, I guess they had a convention here, so they came with scrubs. Doctors like Lionel too -- or doctors dancing on the ceiling, something like that! It's basically the Rocky Horror Show right in front of your very eyes. What more could you want right? that's the best!"

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