Investigators looking into whether Mandalay Bay shooter scouted sites across the country

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Investigators are looking into the possibility that the gunman who opened fire into a crowd on the Las Vegas Strip Sunday may have scouted out other locations in Las Vegas and across the country.

More than 100 investigators are digging into the life of Stephen Paddock-- the mastermind behind the mass shooting that claimed the lives of 58 people and wounded hundreds more. Federal and local authorities are still piecing together the profile of the shooter.

“We will get to the bottom of this no matter how long it takes,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse.

Authorities say Paddock certainly didn’t fit the profile of a mass shooter but he lived a secretive life – stockpiling an arsenal of guns and explosives. Police found 1,600 rounds of ammunition and 50 pounds of explosives in his car parked at Mandalay Bay.

Two rounds hit a fuel tank at McCarran International Airport, an airport official confirming to News 3 in a statement:

Through those sources, airport management learned a total of two rifle rounds struck a single, 43,000-barrel fuel tank located along the airport’s western perimeter. One round penetrated Tank 202, which was partially filled with jet fuel. A second round was found lodged within the same tank’s outer steel shell, and did not penetrate. Contrary to speculation, there is almost zero likelihood gunfire damage could trigger a fire or explosion at a commercial fuel storage facility. Likewise, in the event of an actual, uncontained tank fire, these systems are engineered to vent flames upward into the air rather than explode.

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The shooter’s girlfriend Marilou Danley told NBC News sources that Paddock would “lie in bed, just moaning and screaming ‘Oh my God.”

Police confirm Paddock rented rooms at the Ogden last month in downtown Las Vegas through Air BNB. He stayed in rooms overlooking the Life is Beautiful music festival, which drew 50,000 people each night.

News-3 is also learning Paddock may have scouted out sites in Chicago and Boston.

While Paddock’s girlfriend is not a suspect at this point, Sheriff Joe Lombardo said it is hard to believe the gunman could carry out his deadly plot without help from someone at some point.

"It's troublesome that this individual was able to move this amount of gear into a hotel room unassisted. It's troublesome for the amount of stuff he had at both residents... unassisted. So... there's people that know this individual... there's people that could help us understand this individual," said Lombardo.

The FBI said they found no evidence that points to terrorism but investigators have not ruled anything out.

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